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Patient Testimonials

My Chiropractic Story - S. Jessir

Nov 7, 2017

Very knowledgeable and friendly. The Time is taken to accurately explain what is physically happening and how the adjustments will help correct the alignment, relieve the pain and help maintain low pain levels. Personally i have had 9 adjustments so far, and each adjustment I feel is helping and my shoulder and neck pains are decreasing. Thank you York Family Chiropractic. I highly recommend to everyone.

My Chiropractic Story - N. Gr

Feb 19, 2017

I had a constant headache for over a month. My brother in law suggested i go see Dr. Ali Ipchilar. Since I've been coming to York Family Chiropractic i have not had a HEADACHE. I feel much more energized and relaxed. I am so happy that I don't need to take anymore medication. My life has improved dramatically. On a separate note, my mother was suffering from extreme left sided shoulder and arm pain for over 1 year. She got many cortisone injections and was constantly taking medications (anti inflammatories) which were prescribed by her family doctor. She's been coming to see Dr. Ali for only 8 visits and all her arm pain has disappeared. Even we were a little skeptical about the process that Dr. Ali was recommending, we still decided to give him a shot because he seemed very honnest and authentic. IF YOU HAVE ANY HEALTH CONCERNS, GIVE DR ALI A SHOT YOUR LIFE MIGHT CHANGE JUST LIKE OURS!!!

My Chiropractic Story - D. Javier

Jan 30, 2017

I met Dr. Ali Ipchilar from a close friend. I was suffering with severe neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome down both hands. The medical doctors wanted to do surgery. I'm so glad i didn't do the surgery and waited long enough to find Dr. Ali. Since I started care my carpal tunnel is significantly improved, i have more energy, and i feel much better. If you're thinking of going to a chiropractor, i would suggest you give Dr. Ali (the #OrchidDoctor) a shot, you won't regret it. He is the best chiropractor i've ever experienced.Seeing Dr. Ali 2× a week, my headaches, symptoms of carpal tunnel is minimized + pain on my neck ( arthritis), I'm feeling relax & relieve. Thanks.. Dr. Ali, & I appreciate so much to my friend who referred me (Fely Benia) & Dennis who is very good attending & helping my grandson while I'm on my treatment.

My Chiropractic Story - D. Edeh

Jan 20, 2017

I have had terrible headaches for a few years now, i wake up with and go to bed with headaches and I got to a point in my life where I accepted headaches as Normal and part of life. I also experienced back pain, waist and leg pain every other day, waking up in the AM was a struggle and I had to set 3 different alarms. During Black Friday week at the mall, I saw the spine display and something about nerves & X-rays. I was curious and decided to go find out what that was all about. long story short, I found myself the following week at Dr. Ali's office and after an examination/nerve scan/x-ray; he recommended I start my adjustments. At first I was skeptical and didn't think it would work or make my life any better, but I though about it and decided to give it a try. It feels like magic, I have just a few adjustments and haven't woken up or gone to bed with headaches in over 5 days and it feels great! even waking up in the morning has improved. Dr. Ali is very detailed, pays attention and understands that we are all different and works with that. Denise is an amazing staff and her warmth radiates through the office. Most people give up after a while and say this doesn't work but like every good thing in life, it takes time and our bodies are built differently. All it takes is dedication and perseverance and I intend to follow through.

My Chiropractic Story - R. Vera Cruz

Dec 28, 2016

I met Dr. Ali (aka #OrchidDoctor) and his wonderful team while I was browsing Facebook, and I decided to make an appointment to go see him because I had constant tingling and numbness in my hands. Dr. Ali is very friendly, gentle, and you definitely feel the warmth welcome just like a FAMILY member. Prior to seeing Dr. Ali, I was referred to a neurologist by my family doctor. The neurologist did an assessment (EMG, and complete neurological examination) which took him about an hour @HumberHospital. According to the neurologist, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and was prescribed a wrist splint on both my hands which I had to wear while I slept during the night. It helped slightly, however, I could still feel the numbness, tingling and pain. He also told me that if after 18 months of using the splint I don't get better he would have to do surgery. Since I started regular Chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Ali (from 29 October, 2016), I feel much reduction in pain, numbness and tingling. Before starting with Dr. Ali, I was unable to open a bottled water, make a fist, my fingers were locked, my hands would go numb while I drove, as well as when I talked on my cell phone. Now I don't have to fear seeing a surgeon because I get adjusted I feel much better, and surgery is out of my agenda. And this is real HEALTH CARE, which I will continue for the rest of my existence. If you are suffering like I was or have any health concerns that are not responding to any treatment, I recommend that you give Dr. Ali from York Family Chiropractic a shot. You will not regret it, I can assure of that.

My Chiropractic Story - K. Elliot

Nov 19, 2016

Dr Ali Ipchilar found the root of my issue when no one else could! I suffered from debilitating vertigo and balance issues for over two and a half years, and thanks to Dr. Ali I know now that I was greatly misdiagnosed by numerous doctors, specialists, and even other chiropractors. I had spent thousands of dollars trying to find a solution, and was running out of things to try, and places to go. If I only I had found him sooner. He correctly determined that my vertigo was being caused by issues with my neck. Dr. Ali is one of the most kind and caring professionals, and he goes above and beyond to help his patients when they are in need. I highly recommend you visit him and see for yourself!

My Chiropractic Story - J. Sukhu

Sept 12, 2016

My life has changed for the better since discovering Dr. Ali and the York Family Chiropractic team. I was suffering from and living with severe daily headaches, digestive problems, sinus and eye pain and tingling down through my left leg. Most recently in March of this year, I had sustained a concussion from a dance accident and was in the worst physical pain I had ever experienced or could imagine. My quality of life decreased dramatically as I could only concentrate on 1 task a day, and was constantly experiencing bouts of anxiety and depression. Not being able to exercise and realizing that I had lost most of my independence/ was isolated from the life I once knew deeply saddened me. I was in and out of Doctor's offices and the hospital for 5 months trying to figure out how they could help me regain my old self, but nothing surfaced.Thankfully my family came across this clinic and we haven't looked back since. My first adjustment had me at tears, not because it hurt, but because it was an instant relief to ALL the symptoms I had been suffering from. I am at a lost for words for how grateful I am for this life changing care I have been receiving from Dr. Ali. He truly takes his practice above and beyond your typical health care professional. The warm environment of the clinic is also a bonus as it really just feels like one big family. You don't have to suffer any longer, please come check out this clinic, you won't regret it and your body will thank you!

My Chiropractic Story - B. Saini

Sept 8, 2016

I discovered the clinic via FB add , I am so glad I did .. I use to suffer from numbness during the day and specially while sleeping and waking up with burning pain In arms and hands could not fall asleep on either side .. After two month of treatments I am 80% free of my symptoms and neck pain back pain and horrible one sided headaches are almost gone one headache in two month .any time you need to change appointment Denise is there to remind you and so accommodating it's nice environment makes you feel welcome .if anyone has any questions I be happy to answer .. I must admit I feel better ,walk better and for sure sleeping better .. YOU got to TRY it ....

My Chiropractic Story - T. Islam

Nov 20, 2015

From 2003 - 2013, I suffered from chronic headaches. On average, I would have three a week. Because I didn't want to become dependent on medication, I would simply bear the pain and discomfort. I tried altering my diet and sleep regime in a variety of ways, but nothing helped. When I began care with Dr. Ali, I was skeptical I would stop getting headaches. But I have not had a single headache since I began care over two years ago! It's been a great relief for me. In the past, when I would come home from work or school with a headache, I would immediately head to bed. I was cranky and miserable and unpleasant to be around. Experiencing relief from headaches has meant that I always have the energy to do the things I love - play guitar, read, hang out with friends and family, it means that I'm more pleasant to be around. I feel great. I was skeptical that I could benefit from chiropractic care, and I couldn't be happier to have been proven wrong.Dr. Ali is an incredibly compassionate health care professional with genuine concern for his practice members. He gives as much as he can possibly provide to help his patients regain their health. This includes nutrition assessments, fitness seminars, re-assessments - not simply chiropractic adjustments. He also has a green thumb; he revives his patients' dying orchids. The vibrant blossoming orchids, cacti, aloe vera and other plants in his office are an indication of just how much he cares for, values and loves life, health and vitality! If you're looking for a sincere chiropractor dedicated to improving your health, I'd strongly urge you to give Dr. Ali a call.

My Chiropractic Story - Vena Semprie

September 24, 2015

My name is Vena Semprie. I am the spouse/caregiver for my husband Roland who has multiple sclerosis. We are both members of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

In February 2015, I attended a presentation by Dr. Ali Ipchilar of York Family Chiropractic called “Orchids are Like You: How Reviving One Can Improve Your Health” at the York South Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Dr. Ali was invited by Peter Busciglio to speak on the link between the five essentials orchids require to survive and thrive and the five essentials to human health.

I attended the presentation keeping an open mind. I had no idea what to expect. Dr. Ali delivered his presentation and explained in detail one of the main reasons why people experience health issues and discomforts in the body is due to subluxations.

At that time I was experiencing a high level of tingling in my right arm and leg, tightness in my shoulders, lower back pain and the entire right side of my body felt very different from the left side. This had been ongoing for a number of years and I knew for sure something not good was going on with my body. Bing, bing! Can my issues be due to subluxation? Here’s what I learned:

I learned that subluxation is when one or more of the bones in your spine (vertebrae) shift out of position it puts pressure on your nerves. Spinal nerves are the nerves that come out from between each of the bones in your spine. This pressure on the nerves then causes the spine to interfere with the signals traveling over those nerves. Needless to say, the signals sent to the different parts of my body will not be received. The nervous system controls all the functions of the body and the interference of the nerve signals result in my nervous system being compromised and unable to properly function due to subluxation.

How did subluxations affect me before Dr. Ali?

It was evident there were issues with my body. I had constant tingling on my right side and chronic constipation. I was afraid I would suffer a stroke. Previous visits to my family doctor revealed I was having circulatory problems and my family doctor always encouraged me to continue with my exercise regime which I have been doing for many years. However, my issues remain the same.

Shortly after the presentation with Dr. Ali I followed up with his office and scheduled an appointment for an assessment. Already convinced that Dr. Ali’s chiropractic adjustment would ease the pressure on my spine I immediately started chiropractic care.

I started off in April 2015 seeing Dr. Ali three times a week and now there is a noticeable difference with both the tingling and constipation that I had been experiencing.

The right side of my body is feeling much, much better, the tingling is no longer noticeable and there’s also a noticeable improvement in my bowel movement.

My weekly visits have also decreased to 2 times instead of 3.

I came to appreciate the professional value that Dr. Ali brought to my overall health through simple adjustments (no prescriptions, no drugs). In view of my improved health, chiropractic care became a way of life for me and my family.

I have since introduced my husband and daughter to Dr. Ali and my family is now receiving chiropractic care as well. They are both grateful and appreciative for the benefits they are experiencing.

In speaking with my family and friends I encourage them to pay attention to the on-going aches and pains they might be experiencing and to not ignore their own well being. As for me, I am getting positive results by simply doing something different. Chiropractic adjustments are making my life a whole lot easier in a very natural way, free from prescriptions and drugs.

Thanks Dr. Ali! You are making a huge difference in my family’s life.

Vena Semprie.

My Chiropractic Story - H. Li

January 2015

To whom it may concern,

I met Dr. Ali Ipchilar, from York Family Chiropractic, at a health fair held by my company. I signed up to have a consultation and examination at his clinic. I have been suffering from chronic sinus problems, and breathing problems for over thirty years. It is most severe during cold weather. I tried many treatments, but saw no results.

After several months of adjustments at Dr. Ali’s office, I experienced improvement in my neck and shoulder pain. After six months of care, I can now breathe much more easily, even during the coldest of days!

Chiropractic care can help boost your health to a new level and the symptoms you have experienced for months or years will begin to disappear once you gain back your health!

Thank you for all your guidance and had work! It’s greatly appreciated!

H. Li

Sean MacDonald

July 9th, 2015

I was originally introduced to Dr. Ali through an enlightening presentation performed by him at Powerstream Inc. (my current employer). He grabbed my attention through his abundance of energy and genuine passion for healing. What stood out for me was the concept of “holistic care”. You have to love and look after yourself first, before Dr. Ali can further enhance your health. He stressed the importance of having nutritionally balanced diets, reduced toxins (such as alcohol), maintaining a healthy state of mind and performing regular physical exercise. He stressed with this healthy balance and having your spinal cord adjusted to re-energize the nervous system to vital organs, this would give the body sufficient means to help heal itself. His analogy of comparing the human body healing itself, in principle to orchid plants and his attention on the upper neck region to heal headaches grabbed my attention.

I have in the past three to five years suffered from a stiff lower back, especially in the mornings and late evenings. This was uncomfortable for me and being only in my late 20s whilst being fit and active, this was a concern.

Within three months of weekly adjustments with Dr. Ali, my lower back stiffness has reduced significantly. I can also attest to my energy levels increasing. I feel more alert and energized. I have not changed anything else in my life that would contribute to these positive results. This is the first time I have ever experienced chiropractic treatment. I was simply not aware that chiro enhances the spinal cord through re-alignment to allow your body to heal itself and become more efficient. I have learned to be patient as initial adjustments were painful. After two months, my body became accustomed to the adjustments and is healing, reducing my back pain.


Sean MacDonald

My Chiropractic Story - Lyssa B.

December 2014

I was introduced to Dr. Ali Ipchilar and York Family Chiropractic in May of 2013 by a friend who was already a patient at the clinic. I began care in July of 2013 for back care. I had no prior knowledge about the effect that chiropractic could have on my overall health.

Prior to beginning care, I had suffered from severe colitis for fifteen years. It caused me immense physical and emotional trauma. The situation worsened significantly in 2001. Up until that point, I had pursued homeopathic treatment. On Christmas night 2005, I was hospitalized for four days. At that point I started taking heavy medications. However, medication alone did not help, and so I was prescribed intravenous steroids. I was given the highest possible dosage of the steroid Prednisone. My face became swollen as a result of the steroids. I was heavily medicated for six years – taking in total 20 to 25 different prescription medications daily, but barely experiencing any relief. The medications were causing the enamel on my teeth to wear away. I had nearly a dozen colonoscopies, saw doctor after doctor and spent thousands of dollars in treatment. In addition to all this, I developed severe food limitations – I could not eat anything that would irritate my bowels. My body reacted strongly to sugar, caffeine, raw vegetables, fried foods, wheat, citrus fruits, fruit juices, processed meats, popcorn, red quinoa and spices. The only cooked vegetables I could consume were sweet potato and cooked carrots. I experienced all of the typical symptoms associated with colitis.

The situation led to unimaginable emotional stress. I experienced extreme anxiety, having to keep in mind where the closest washroom was at all times. This had an impact on my social life as I felt very uncomfortable visiting people’s homes.

A year after I began care with Dr. Ali Ipchilar, I missed some doses of my medications. However, I noticed that my body didn’t react to these lapses. I decided to cut my dosage in half. Overtime I stopped taking the medication entirely. I am thrilled to say that since September 2014 I have been completely off medications and because I no longer suffer from colitis flare-ups, I no longer have dietary limitations!

I’m so happy to have been introduced to Dr. Ali and York Family Chiropractic! I would encourage anyone who has not given chiropractic a try yet to give it a shot – but keep in mind that healing takes time. It does not happen overnight. I was patient and stuck through the care and am thrilled with the results. You might be pleasantly surprised by the relief you experience from your health issues!

Lyssa B.

My Chiropractic Story - Y. Sery

September 2014

I first discovered York Family Chiropractic through a coupon I purchased that offered a free examination and three adjustments. I was 27 years old and suffered from chronic migraines, gastroensophagel reflux disease, and minor kidney issues. I also had constant neck and back pain. I was prescribed many medications throughout the years and switched doctors.

When I met Dr. Ali and decided to begin my chiropractic care, I also decided to no longer take any medications. Every adjustment felt like weight being lifted off my shoulders. I started with three adjustments per week and was down to one adjustment per week in just six months. Every X-ray I had showed great improvements.

I no longer suffer from migraines, neck pains or back pains. I do not take any medications. I no longer need to pay a visit to my family doctor once a week. I feel better now than I ever have.

Thank you, Dr. Ali, for opening my eyes to a healthier and happier way of life. For those of you considering chiropractic care, know that with dedication from both parties (Dr. Ali and yourself), you will be able to change your life. In terms of funding, I paid in full as a student with a loan and rent to pay and never looked back.

Y. Sery

My Chiropractic Story - M. Crawford

March 2014

Dear Dr. Ali and staff,

For six years prior to meeting Dr. Ali, I experienced pressure and discomfort in my chest and stomach. I felt bloated and it felt as though someone had blown up a balloon inside of me. I also experienced a lot of digestive issues. I decided to make some trips to the medical doctor. Unfortunately, the visits did not reveal much about the cause of my health concerns. Next, I opted to see a naturopath. I felt as though I was not being heard at either the medical doctor’s office or the naturopath’s office. My situation did not improve. Because I felt so heavy and bloated, I lacked energy. I had trouble sleeping. Feeling tired all the time, I lacked enthusiasm.

Since I began care with Dr. Ali in July 2013, I have experienced relief from the bloating, heaviness and digestive issues. I’ve lost weight and my weight is more evenly distributed! I never imagined I would experience relief from my health issues. I thought I’d have to live with them forever. Now that I’ve been able to deal with these issues, I feel like I have a lot more energy and have much more restful sleep!

To anyone who is reluctant to give chiropractic care a try, I encourage you to bite the bullet! It can’t hurt and you’ve got nothing to lose!


M. Crawford

My Chiropractic Story - J. Li

Dec 2013

Before I met Dr. Ali, I was experiencing constant pain and pressure throughout the right side of my body. At times, I would experience numbness and tingling accompanied by shooting pain and headaches. Numerous visits to the doctor resulted in no improvement or diagnosis. Even an MRI came out normal. This went on for over two years and it only got worse. There were times that I could not carry on with my daily life because I was in pain. Massages would only give me temporary relief and I was trying to come to terms with the thought that this is probably how I’d feel the rest of my life.

Little did I know that a trip to the CNE would be a turning point! Yes, of all the places, I got to meet Dr. Ali at the CNE. I decided to pay him a visit at his clinic where I learned what could be the cause of my pain. “Subluxation” – I had never heard the word before and I never knew what chiropractic care was. I didn’t know that a misalignment could trigger so many other symptoms.

After only three adjustments in the first week, I felt some relief and thought “Wow, finally after all this time!” I was able to walk and carry on with my daily routine without the nagging pain and headaches. I felt better as the days went by and here I am, after three months of care. The numbness and tingling is no longer there, the headaches and soreness have reduced tremendously. This was a huge improvement for me and I am finally going back to being “normal”!

I am so glad that I bumped into you, Dr. Ali! For everyone out there, give it a shot if you want to know what I am talking about!


J. Li

My Chiropractic Story - Edward D.

Dec 2013

It was a hot day in June this year as I was going through Centerpoint Mall, limping badly, but trying not to show it. Three weeks before, out of nowhere, I started feeling a very strong pain between my hip and my right leg. It was so bad that I had to take 6 extra strength Tylenols daily just to keep it in check, while hoping it would fade away. Since it didn’t fade, I finally decided to see my doctor who, after examining me, sent me for some leg and hip X-rays. As I limped by that day in the mall, I heard a soft voice: “Would you like to have your back checked?” As I answered “No thanks” and kept on going, looking for a place to sit down and rest from my pain, I was thinking “Hey, stop! For sure I want my back to be looked at!” I went back and after a brief chat I was invited to have an examination at a discounted rate at York Family Chiropractic. That’s how I was introduced to Dr. Ali, who explained to me that my problem almost surely was not between my hip and my leg but rather must originate in my lower back. Since I was at this point 75, it made sense that within all these years damage had been sustained by my back.

I decided to start the treatment that was recommended. However, after just very few sessions I was supposed to be out of the country for 3 weeks for which I had booked a flight 2 months before. I left, but after a 12 hour flight, ended up at my destination in need of a wheelchair. The pain was so bad!

As soon as I was back, I resumed treatment with Dr. Ipchilar. I was receiving treatment 3 times a week, but after 2 weeks I only noticed improvement in my sleeping (I was sleeping all night through without waking up 3 or 4 times a night). It was only when I entered my third week that the need for Tylenol was not there and from there on, things got better. Soon, I noticed that I was sort of limping because I had gotten accustomed to it after months of doing so, but not because I was in pain.

In brief, the treatment worked and I am still doing it so as to prevent a relapse as X-rays revealed 2 slipped vertebrae at the lower end of my spine (subluxation).

Edward D.

My Chiropractic Story - Francis Family

May 2013

Dear Dr. Ali,

I’ve been having low back pain, neck pain, migraines, upper and middle back stiffness for the last six years. I came to see you about six months ago. I began to have regular adjustments and have seen huge improvement. I no longer have migraines, neck pain and the spasms have improved a lot. Also, you suggested my husband and daughter pursue care as well even if they didn’t have any symptoms. My daughter used to have severe constipation issues. After a couple of adjustments, she began going to the washroom more regularly – at least every other day. It was not uncommon for her to go a week without any bowel movements. She eats better now. My husband says his overall health has also improved. We all feel more energetic.

You are very friendly and are a great teacher. Thanks a lot, Dr. Ali!

Francis family

My Chiropractic Story - Tanzil

March 2013

My chiropractic story began a year ago when I had a new patient examination at another clinic. However, because I believed I was relatively healthy – I was fairly young and had never been diagnosed with any illnesses – I saw no reason to pursue care. In March 2013, Dr. Ali asked me to bring my x-rays into the clinic so he could examine them. I learned that I had subluxation and began pursuing care immediately afterwards.

For ten years prior to pursuing care, I experienced two to three headaches every week. A variety of triggers seemed to spark these headaches, among them strong odours, loud noises, exhaustion, long commutes, tight ponytails, and headbands. Loved ones attributed these headaches to lack of sleep, poor diet and stress. My best friend claimed ninety-nine percent of headaches were caused by dehydration, so I started drinking gallons of water and green tea every day. Nothing seemed to help. I ultimately came to the conclusion that it must be genetic and I was destined to suffer from headaches for the rest of my life. However, even despite the fact that these headaches caused me such grief, because it isn’t unusual in this society for people to suffer from chronic headaches, I still didn’t consider myself unhealthy.

Once I began pursuing care, Dr. Ali told me he hadn’t had a single headache in fourteen years. A skeptic by nature, I didn’t expect or hope to experience the same results. I’m happy to say that three months have elapsed since I began care and I have not experienced a single headache since.

In the past, when I would come home at the end of a long day of school or work with a throbbing headache, I would kick off my shoes, shut my door and go straight to bed. Because I have never believed in popping pills to deal with pain, I opted to just bear the discomfort and wait for it to pass on its own. It made me miserable and I wasn’t the friendliest person to be around. Now, when I finish a long day of work and chores, I have the energy to see friends, play guitar, cook a meal, listen to music, read and write and am a much more pleasant person to be around. I can wear headbands and tight ponytails, bear strong odours and loud noises.

In April, I attended a Maximized Living conference in Denver where I heard Dr. Renee Lopez speak. One thing she said that really resonated with me was “Do I believe there is power in one adjustment? I certainly do.” This describes my experience. Since I had my first adjustment, nothing has successfully triggered a headache. It had never occurred to me that I could be experiencing headaches due to subluxation or that I could experience such relief from chiropractic. I didn’t think I could benefit from chiropractic, and I couldn’t be happier to have been proven wrong!


My Chiropractic Story - Marissa B.

October 2012

I was in a minor car accident in the fall of 2011 that had shook me up, but I didn’t look into the effects, thinking that I was fine and would bounce right back. A couple months later, I started to have progressively worse and worse migraines. My migranes started to take over my life; my eyes were so sensitive I couldn’t read or work on my computer, I couldn’t watch TV because of the noise –all I could do was sleep in a dark, silent room. This lasted about 2 or 3 months before I could no longer stand he pain. I started to ask around and try everything I could think of. I tried drinking more water, exercising more, sleeping more, meditating, and taking every type of pain killer, vitamins and holistic supplements –nothing worked! FINALLY, I was told by a friend to consider chiropractic treatment. Not knowing any chiropractors in the area where I was renting, I looked to Google for some direction.

York Family Chiropractic was among a few other offerings for my area, but after reading Dr. Ali Ipchilar’s website and social media sites I really took a liking to his approach to physical health. I was able to get an appointment almost immediately and welcomed by a lovely receptionist. As I filled out the usual paperwork, I was provided some really interesting information of subluxations, spin health and the implications of nerve interference. I have been to a chiropractor in the past and had NEVER heard of some of these terms! Dr. Ali also conducted a scan of my spine that demonstrated which nerves were being affected by subluxation—it was a scary site! I couldn’t even believe that I was in and out of the office and actually feeling some minor relief on the very first day meeting Dr. Ali. Though a bit skeptical going into the office, I left that first day a total believer.

Dr. Ali Ipchilar is on top of the industry news and actively works to improve his patients’ health by staying informed, providing resources, and offering workshops on all types of topics like toxins, which are amazing! He even has an incentive plan that allows you to earn free adjustments after taking place in these workshops!

After going to Dr. Ali Ipchilar 2 to 3 times a week for about 3 weeks, my migrates have totally subsided! I am able to work and read again and able to start up my regular work-out routine again. Now I go in for only 1 adjustment a week and to keep up with the new workshops Dr. Ali is hosting. I have learned so much from Dr. Ali about maintaining health that I feel amazing—much better than even before the car accident. I would recommend Dr. Ali Ipchilar’s Chiropractic Clinic for everyone and anyone! Everyone there is super friendly and so flexible with my crazy schedule. The only way it won’t help is if you don’t go in!

Thank you Dr. Ali and everyone at the office!

Marisa Bidgood

My Chiropractic Story - Noordin J.

October 2012

When I came to your office I did not think that I will get better. But when I saw and met Dr. Ali, I found the treatment was good. I have Parkinson’s Tremor on my left hand and leg. I have been receiving care since March 28, 2012. Doing four adjustments each week takes the pressure off my nerves and I already feel better day by day.

My second problem was constipation. The adjustments have also helped soften the stools.

Dr. Ali told me I had a problem with my spine and that I had subluxations. The exercises which I do at home have also made my back and shoulders feel lighter.

I would give advice for everyone to see a Chiropractor for taking care of their health.

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