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Dr. Ali Ipchilar D.C. 


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5 Essentials

Maximized Living is a global initiative dedicated to educating and changing the way health care is viewed and delivered. It is a scientifically based holistic process founded on 5 core, essential principles of health.  These are:

  1. Maximizing the Mind
  2. Maximizing Nerve Supply
  3. Maximizing Quality Nutrition
  4. Maximizing Oxygen and Lean Muscle
  5. Minimizing Toxins

In the office, you will be taken through a proven process to learn and apply these principles of healthy living.
Maximized Living an organization with a network of over 1,000 doctors, and engaged in partnerships with first tier organizations from USA Wrestling, Judo and Weightlifing, the Major League Soccer team Colorodo Rockies (2010 Champions) and many other organizations.

Dr. Ali Ipchilar and his team at York Family Chiropractic in Thornhill are doing what it takes to help you get and stay healthy! We provide Chiropractic and lifestyle coaching to members of our community. Thornhill Chiropractor, North York and surrounding area.